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Hello Writers!

Welcome to Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Services!

If you are here, there’s a good chance that you have recently finished (or will soon finish) writing your book. Admittedly, it is a nagging and sometimes unpleasant part of the process for all parties involved, as editing books is sometimes as trying for editors as it is for authors.

But we have to face reality. No one on Earth is capable of writing a book that does not require some degree of editing, so now one of three things is going to happen:

1)  Once you have finished the book, you are going to have to get someone else to read it, whether it be a friend or spouse or former English professor. You are no longer a good judge, as you’ve read your manuscript perhaps hundreds of times in the process of writing and revising. So even as brilliant as you are, you have to realize that your work would benefit by being reviewed by a fresh mind and a fresh set of eyes—to lend a fresh perspective.

If your reader/friend/beta testing group is thorough, you will be rewarded with a critique that addresses various areas of manuscript concern, from the general to the specific. Is the story interesting and believable? Do the characters feel real? Does the action stall in places? Is the manuscript clean and free of errors? Are there instances of bad writing habits that will distract readers? Does the dialogue ring natural in the ears? Is the narrative creative and engaging?

While criticism, if it is honest, can sometimes be brutal and discouraging, you will have to humble yourself and strive to carefully consider the critiques, comments and suggestions you receive. Your focus should be on the manuscript itself and making it the best it can be.  And finally, when it is done, you would do well to get a second reader/friend/beta group to go over it get yet another perspective prior to submitting it for publication.

2) Once you have finished the book, you are going to hire a professional copy editor or proofreader to work on the manuscript to make it ready for submission. We hope, for your sake, this professional will provide you an inexpensive editorial assessment prior to beginning any work on your manuscript.

Prior to commencement of any editorial work, you should have a good idea about what this professional is going to do to improve your manuscript, in specific detail. Determine if the work involves mere copy editing, or if there are significant issues with the story or the writing. Will the work involve eliminating specific problem writing habits or plot development? Is there a concern with your characters or dialogue? Whatever the assessment provides, ask the copy editor or editorial professional to enumerate the tasks to be performed and to demonstrate it on five or ten pages of your manuscript. In this way, you can determine how much value of the proposed editing will provide to your work.

Editorial services can be expensive, and not all providers who claim to be editors are true professionals. Ask other writers or instructors for referrals before seeking an editorial service provider  on the Internet, and once you have found one, always check references. And finally, once a price is quoted, never pay the balance in full. The industry standard is 50% down at the commencement of editing, with the balance paid upon completion.

3) Once you have finished the book, you are going to work with Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Services to make your manuscript ready for publishing. You will submit your work on the appropriately titled page, along with a synopsis of the work and an author bio (if possible).

Low-Cost Manuscript Assessment ($37.50): This service is provided for authors who want to under if there are significant editorial issues contained in the manuscript. One of our professional copy editors will peruse the entire manuscript, checking to determine if there persistent errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, sentence structure and overall readability. This copy editor’s assessment will be presented as a three-page document containing general details and copy editor’s work on the first ten pages of your manuscript. The CEA will give you a basic idea of what work your manuscript might need going forward.

Copy Editor’s Assessment ($37.50)

Copy Editor’s Recommendation ($225): If you do not have the money to pay for professional editorial services, and either you or someone you know has a publishing/editing background, you might be better off ordering a CER (Copy Editor’s Recommendation). This will involve the specialized efforts of one of our copy editors, who will spend three hours analyzing your manuscript (focusing on the first fifty pages), highlighting/commenting on writing problems/issues, while providing specific recommendations. This copy editor will provide detailed comments/corrections and recommendations in the following areas:

Copy Editor’s Recommendation ($225.00)

Taking the recommendation, you or your editorial resource will be able to go through the manuscript, making necessary corrections, and get the manuscript ready for submission at a fraction of the cost you would have paid for the full professional editing service.

Purchase Editorial Services (according to your specific needs): Sometimes a manuscript it fairly clean, and yet there is a single component (or maybe two components, as listed above) that need work. In such a case, you can purchase Component Editing, paying for only the services you need. Notwithstanding, we provide a full-range of editorial services, including Copy Editing, Line Editing, Proofreading, Polish, Consulting, Coaching and Encouragement.

Whatever you decide to do, please take the time to scroll through our site to see what service we may offer you. And if you have a comment, experience or suggestion for us, please share it in the box below.