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Component Editing is the specific work an experienced editor does to improve one to four major areas of a manuscript. It is much more involved than Proofreading, though it is not as comprehensive as Copy Editing. Component Editing examines the same writing issues/concerns as Copy Editing, but editing passes are purposed to address individual writing components, such as Passive Voice, Clarification, Verb Tense, Writing Habits, Adverb Use, Extraneous Information, Consistency, Style and other specific areas.

Some of the world’s most famous and prominent writers/authors have had problems with any one, or in some cases, a few of the abovementioned writing components. Thus the need for experienced editors who can go in and correct specific areas of writing mechanics in a given manuscript without making unnecessary changes to copy that the author and publisher have not requested or authorized. At all times, our editors are focused on improving manuscripts and correcting problems, while they are careful to preserve author voice and intent.

In some cases, we receive manuscripts that are purportedly “edited,” and we find out upon assessment that whoever worked on the final draft was strong in some areas and lacking in others. Rather than having authors pay a second time for a complete edit, we might identify specific components that need work before the manuscript is ready to publish. If these components are four or less, we may be able to offer Component Editing as an alternative to Copy Editing.

It is important to remind authors that Component Editing is not Copy Editing, and that the editor will be instructed to specifically focus attention on the components listed in the assessment and on the invoice. The difference: Copy Editing is comprehensive, while Component Editing is specific. After Component Editing, the manuscript still may or may not require proofreading or polishing, either by the author  or trained professional.

Our price for Component Editing starts at $150 per component, to a maximum of four components (three, if “passive voice” and “writing habits” are included*), which is about 30% less than the amount that most editors typically charge for this service. You can determine the price for component editing your manuscript by multiplying the total number of components to be addressed by $150.

* “Passive Voice” and “Writing Habits” Component Editing start at $150 per component and range up from that price, depending on manuscript length and degree of difficulty

At Parnassus Press, we give special attention and may apply additional discounts to authors and publishers who are our partners. Because we are a small editorial department, our typical turnaround time for component editing an 80,000 word manuscript is two days per component. Payment terms are 50% up-front and 50% upon delivery.

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  1. Tom Olsinski

    Pegasus Books tells me my 100,000 word novel needs light editing and mentions several components from a copy editor. I tried to link with you from their site but had to go through Google to reach you. How do I proceed via Pegasus Books to have these components edited?


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