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Regardless of your publishing goals, the quality of your work matters—no one wants to read a book that’s riddled with typos and grammatical errors. However, even the best writers make occasional mistakes.

At Rumpelstiltskin,  we employ staff specifically to edit books and to provide other editorial services that will help you make your book the best it can be. These services are provided by experienced professional editorial staff who work exclusively in the book publishing industry.  In order to take advantage of our Editorial Services, you must have access to Microsoft Word. Though not necessary, having Microsoft Office One Drive will provide better and more immediate facilitation between authors and editors.

Copy Editing and other editing appear as tracked changes in your manuscript, which must be read in Microsoft Word. Read our Editorial Guidelines and visit the Editorial Services FAQ page to learn more about what to expect from your editing services and for more information on industry standards.

Please note: While our website copy generally conforms to the editorial style set forth in the AP Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Service evaluators, editors, and copywriters follow the most current edition of the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the premier style guide used by book publishers.

Copy Editor’s Assessment and Copy Editor’s Recommendations

Assessment: An experienced copy editor will evaluate the first 20-30 pages your book and provide a critique of writing form and content.
Recommendation: An experienced copy editor will analyze your manuscript and provide detailed comments and specific recommendations for making your work ready for publishing. This editor considers verb tense, passive voice, adverbs, bad writing habits, clarification and extraneous information, in addition to spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

Copy Editor’s Assessment Cost: Free for authors who have submitted manuscripts for publishing and come as referrals (though, in cases where there are significant changes, the editor might charge a $50 fee to re-consider the manuscript after the work has been re-submitted).

Copy Editor’s Recommendations Cost: $225 total, which pays a professional copy editor for three hours of manuscript analysis (though, in cases where there are significant changes, the editor might charge a $50 fee to re-consider the manuscript after the work has been re-submitted).

Component Editing (Most Used)

An experienced copy editor will correct errors in 1-4 specific areas of your manuscript, based on a copy editor’s recommendations, to include areas such as passive voice, adverbs, bad writing habits, verb tense, extraneous information and clarification.
Component Editing Cost: $150 per component for up to four components

Copy Editing

A professional copy editor edit/correct your entire manuscript, with tracking and with approval for changes provided in the edited document, to include verb tense, passive voice, adverbs, bad writing habits, clarification and extraneous information, in addition to spelling, capitalization and sentence structure.
Copy Editing Cost: $0.025 per word

Content Editing

A professional content editor edit/correct your entire manuscript, with tracking and with approval for changes provided in the edited document, to include corrections/recommendations dealing with plot, characters, diction, theme, spectacle and rhythm.
Content Editing Cost: $0.025 per word

Line Editing

A professional copy editor will examine and edit the manuscript on issues involving writing style and technique, which includes syntactical structure, parsing prose, dialogue and diction and organizing figures of thought into useable frameworks.

Line Editing Assessment: A professional copy editor will spend four hours, analyzing the manuscript for ways to improve voice and stylistic elements, including paragraphs, active voice, positive form, loose sentences, sentence structure and overall style. Author will receive a 3-6 page LER (Line Editor’s Recommendations).
Line Editing Assessment Cost: $300 total

Line Editing (Full Package): A professional line editor will edit/correct the entire manuscript for style, including all items listed in the Line Editing Recommendations (the cost for the LER, if purchased, will be applied against the cost of the full package cost.
Line Editing (Full Package) Cost: $0.025 per word


Proofreading is perhaps the most important consideration prior to the submission of a manuscript to a publisher and also as a final step when reviewing the Final Proof galley immediately prior to publishing. It involves a careful examination of the manuscript or galley, correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphs, spacing and gross errors. It can mean the difference between a standard rejection letter and a publishing offer.
Proofreading Cost: $0.011 per word

Final Galley Polish

An experienced and professional proofreader will examine the manuscript for final stylistic touches and optics. This fine-tuning involves consistency and extra attention related to punctuation marks, chapter divisions, headings, use of italics and abbreviations, consistent capitalization and quotation marks as well as an overall last look by an editorial professional. It is that extra step–the polish!
Final Galley Polish Cost: $75 total

Advanced Editorial Services

Sometimes manuscripts need specialized attention that goes beyond detailed work in grammar, spelling and punctuation. Our experienced editors take an in-depth look at your book’s content and other high-level stylistic considerations, including content, plot and pace.

As costs for detailed editorial services can vary greatly, it is best to submit your specific request for Advanced Editorial Services to us so that we can quote a price based on need and the amount of work involved.

Developmental Editing/Consultation

The Developmental Editing service combines three editorial services into one package: First, a developmental editor evaluates the manuscript at the paragraph, chapter, and book levels and makes suggestions throughout the manuscript to identify big-picture areas that need work. Second, the content editor will check the manuscript for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. And third, the manuscript will receive a quality review to ensure the manuscript is editorially sound before it goes into production.

Book Doctoring

A “book doctor” (editorial book development specialist) makes the changes recommended by a Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Services developmental editor to rework writing, content, story and other elements of the book.


A professional writer with general knowledge of the subject matter of your book will write the book in consultation with you.

Ghostwriting Estimate and Sample

An experienced ghostwriter will examine materials from the author and provide an estimate together with writing samples for approval. Upon this approval, the author may purchase the Ghostwriting service.

Editorial Assistant Service

Going through a completed manuscript can sometimes be a time-consuming process for even the most experienced author, requiring him to make decisions on each of the revisions, comments, and recommendations. For our busiest authors and for authors who may be unsure of their own ability to make the needed changes, Rumpelstiltskin offers the Editorial Assistant Service, in which a professional editor handles the editing. Your editorial assistant will begin with the completed manuscript and work closely with the author to complete all aspects of book editing within thirty days. This service is ideal for authors who really want to focus on the bigger picture (in terms of story and promotion) and want to leave editorial details to those who actually enjoy spending hour after hour poring over manuscripts.


Our informational researchers will gather data, statistics, and other information; photo researchers and graphic artists are also available to help you provide professional-looking artwork for your book.


To maximize the usability of a nonfiction title, readers, book buyers, librarians, and reviewers will expect you to include an index in your book. You can even sell your book to readers by the index.

Professional Indexing

Our professional indexers will provide you with an industry-standard, two-level topical index that is personalized to provide maximum usability for the book’s target audience.

Cover Copy Writing and Polish

With our Cover Copy Writing and Polish, the ideas you provide to us will allow us to create intriguing copy that can help you clinch the sale. Our professional copywriting staff will mold and perfect the text that you provide into marketable material by polishing the hardcover flaps, back cover copy, author bio and keynote, in addition to any other cover material you have submitted.

Errors and Omissions

Please Note: Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Services accepts a very low margin of error in each completed edit, no more than 3 percent of the total errors found. Our professional in-house editorial staff reviews each editorial service for quality assurance.

Upon reviewing your edited manuscript, if you believe that an unsatisfactory number of errors remain, please create a list of the errors and the page numbers on which they appear, and e-mail the list to editorial board at , and a member of our staff will go over the list with you.

Note: If you decide to edit your manuscript on your own, the revised manuscript will be subject to a $50 re-assessment fee in order for our copy editor to review the manuscript for a second time.

This non-refundable fee will apply toward any editing service provided by Rumpelstilskin, our contracted editorial services provider. When you return your self-edited manuscript, you will have to return it with along with the re-assessment fee upon re-submission, or call us with a provision for payment (credit card).

Pay for Copy Editor’s Manuscript Reassessment Fee Here

4 thoughts on “Spinning Words into Gold…

  1. Joseph Burke

    I have a finished manuscript, which is currently 114,100 words, including chapter titles. If I were to request a complete edit, with all needed services, I would like an approximate idea of what my end cost would be.
    Pegasus Books (Mr. Christopher Moebs) recommended that I contact you.
    Thank you for a prompt reply. I am doing a final run-through and then will be ready for submission.


    1. rumpelstiltskin1 Post author

      Hi Joseph,
      Has an editorial assessment been done for your book? “Complete edit” could mean one of many things, but I imagine your intent is to have your work copy edited. I would recommend an assessment first. If your work does not require a full copy edit, then there is no reason to pay for one, and if you have a referral, the assessment is free. In the assessment, an experienced copy editor will help you determine what is required to make your work publishing ready. It’s a useful experience for writers who want to get published (please take the time to read http://www.pegasusbooks.net/submissions/testing-front-end-upload/a-few-things-to-consider-before-submitting/). As for determining the cost for copy editing, content editing, proofreading and other services offered by Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Services, al you have to do is go to the Editorial Services tab on the website and enter the number of words in the manuscript in the appropriate calculator for the appropriate web page.
      We look forward to working with you!

      Brandey Alexander
      Rumpelstiltskin Editorial Services
      Editing Team 1


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